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Citizen Opt-In


When residents create a citizen opt-in account, they choose how they want to receive emergency alerts. All landline phones are automatically in the system. If you would like to receive emergency alerts on your cell phone, text device or email, it is important that you register! Residents can provide multiple points of contacts, multiple addresses in Larimer County including your home, school, and work, as well as set language preferences by registering with NOCO Alert HERE.

What Alerts Wil I Receive?

  • Imminent Threat to Life: These alerts include wildfire, flood, evacuations, police activity, missing children/elderly, and more.
  • Community Alerts: Some communities in Larimer County are using NOCO Alert to send non-emergency alerts to their residents. If your community offers these alerts, you can sign up for these during the registration process. Visit the “My Community” section of the website to see if your community offers non-emergency alerts!
  • Weather Alerts: The National Weather Service will automatically send alerts for blizzard warnings, flash flood warnings, flood warnings, tornado watches and tornado warnings in Larimer County. These alerts will be sent via the contacts you provide in your account. Choose the weather alerts you want to receive or none at all!

Alerts From Other Jurisdictions

NOCO Alert does not send alerts to locations outside of Larimer County, with the exception of those living in the Windsor-Severance Fire Rescue District. If you live outside of Larimer County, please register with your local county or jurisdiction.

Did You Know?

Emergency alerts are geographically based. Public Safety officials working the emergency event will determine the area that is under imminent threat and request that an emergency alert be sent to that specific area. Emergency alerts are not sent countywide! To learn more about how you can receive all emergency alerts sent in Larimer County, follow the link Below.